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  • 5 Nurse Turned Entrepreneurs Building Unicorn Startups

5 Nurse Turned Entrepreneurs Building Unicorn Startups

The Rise of Nurse Entrepreneurs

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5 Nurse Turned Entrepreneurs Building Unicorn Startups

The nurse entrepreneurs showcased here to remind us that nurses can be catalysts for innovation and change. Let their stories inspire you to pursue your entrepreneurial aspirations. Embrace your unique perspective, believe in your ideas, and let your passion for patient care drive you to make a remarkable impact. The startup world needs more nurses, ready to disrupt and shape the future of healthcare. Dare to dream big and unleash your entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Maayan Cohen – Founder of Hello Heart

  • Erika Cheung – Ethics in Entrepreneurship

  • Rebecca Love – Co-founder of Ryalto

  • Julia Hu – Founder and CEO of Lark Health

  • Gail Latimer – Founder of Healthcare Solutions

How to become a luck magnet

“There's a simple principle that has made me a luck magnet.

So much good shit always seems to find me. Incredible people. Opportunities to make money. "Bucket list" experiences all over the world.

Here it is: If there's something that would help another person, share it with them.

If I discover something rad, I feel a true sense of duty to share it with others - without expecting anything in return.” - Khe Hye


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