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7 Best Nurse Influencer to mentor you and boot your Nursing Career.

Meet you Nursing Career Mentors.

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7 Best Nurse Influencer to mentor you and boot your Nursing Career

In today's digital age, where social media platforms have become an essential part of our daily lives, nurses can greatly benefit from the wealth of knowledge and insights shared online.

Meet Your New Mentors: Top Influences and Social Media personalities you must follow. Your future self will thank you for the insights and inspiration that will come from following these exceptional individuals.

7 nurse influencers who are doing incredible work.


Navigate the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry with these influencers who focus on career growth and advancement. Learn the ins and outs of professional development, networking, and climbing the clinical or corporate ladder in the nursing field.

1. Boone Clipper

Why Follow: Clipper is a top nurse influencer on LinkedIn because of her experience as a healthcare executive, thought leader, coach, and speaker. With her extensive background in hospital leadership and advising health tech startups, she is on a mission to improve the future of nursing and achieve clinical excellence. As a published author, Clipper educates readers about emerging technologies impacting nursing on her blog.

2. Nicole Thomas

Why Follow: Thomas is the founder of Impact Nurse Consulting, a nurse-led consulting group that provides innovative healthcare solutions to improve patient care. As a nurse leader, Thomas uses her platform to advocate for nurses and encourage individuals to “go deeper” into their nursing roles. Her thought leadership helps nurses feel supported and inspired through emphasis on innovation, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

3. Renee Thompson - The Workplace Bullying Expert

Why Follow: Thompson is the CEO and founder of the Healthy Workforce Institute and works with organizations to eradicate bullying and incivility in healthcare work environments. Her posts focus on sharing practical information that aims to educate both nurses and nurse leaders about workplace bullying, as well as ways to prevent it and establish more supportive work environments. She also shares content from other nursing influencers and industry news.

4. Andrew Lopez, RN

Why Follow: Lopez is a social media consultant out of New Jersey. He uses his Twitter account primarily to share news about current events and the latest nursing industry trends, as well as reshare content from other nursing influencers.


Looking for that daily dose of inspiration? The influencers in this section are here to uplift your spirits, ignite your passion for nursing, and remind you why you entered this rewarding yet challenging profession in the first place.

5. The Inspiration Nurse

Why Follow: Cardillo is a nurse and keynote speaker who has won numerous awards and travels the world, offering inspiration to nurses. Sharing her clinical experience and personal life stories, she aims to help nurses "reach their full potential." Author of Falling Together: How to Find Balance, Joy, and Meaningful Change When Your Life Seems to Be Falling Apart and Your First Year as a Nurse, she serves as a mentor to aspiring nurses, new graduates, and seasoned pros navigating their nursing careers.

6. Dan Weberg

Why Follow: Dr. Dan Weberg is the vice president of Ascension, an organization focused on transforming healthcare through technology and innovation. As the former head of clinical innovation at Trusted Health, Dan hosts the Handoff podcast, where he talks about trends impacting the medical industry. He offers his own words of wisdom and support, as well as posts of his podcast episodes, featuring other nursing and healthcare influencers. In addition to following his thought leadership on LinkedIn, you can find Dr. Dan at speaking engagements around the world.

7. Nurse Nacole

Why Follow: Riccaboni has already established a reputation for herself as one of the most prolific and popular nursing bloggers around. Now she’s becoming one of the most well-known nursing influencers around too. Though she runs a number of channels on other social media platforms, her Pinterest account is truly one to behold. Here, you’ll be able to find helpful and informative resources for almost any topic you want to know about. Whether you’re looking for technical expertise, book reviews, career advice, or sweet deals on gear and apparel, you’ll find everything you could ever possibly need right on her Pinterest page.


Fun Facts

Male Nurses

  • In 2020, 12% of registered nurses in the US were men, up from around 2.7% in 1970. The share of male nurses has steadily increased over the past few decades.

  • The five states with the highest percentage of male RNs are Washington D.C. (19.2%), California (15.5%), Oregon (15.2%), Arizona (15.1%), and Nevada (14.8%).


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