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Career Constraints Nurses must Ignore

A Stanford professor provided $5 in an 'investment' envelope to each team in the class.

He told them that once the envelope was opened, they had 120 minutes to generate the highest income possible.

The majority of groups opted for conventional ventures such as Lemonade Stalls, Car Washing, and so on.

What did the top-performing teams do?

They disregarded the established constraints (the $5 & 120 minutes)

  • They disregarded the 120-minute rule and instead auctioned their allotted 3-minute class presentation time to a nearby company for advertising purposes.

After reading this, I naturally started wondering: What superfluous constraints am I imposing on myself every day?

For example, I see a ton of Nurses stuck inside boxes like “what specialization route should I go” or “what certifications should I complete?”.

Their goal is to be successful Nurses. But instead of looking at the best possible opportunities, they only look inside these tiny boxes. They ignore anything ideas outside the box.

Ask other successful nurses what path they have taken for a fulfilling career, monetary success and a good lifestyle.

Most would be 10x farther ahead already if they ignored these superfluous constraints.

Some Outlier Examples

  • Join a Community. Network and find your next amazing job from a reference.

  • Join a Referral-bonus program like Connetics.

  • Start a Side-Business to generate $1000. Use that as a leverage to expand.

  • Become a Nurse Educator. Teach, Tutor or advice students.

  • Start a Social Media business to affiliate market products for the nursing community.

  • Partner with a ecommerce brand to build/market and promote Wellness products


Put together a "product review panel" for Medical Products - both physical and software.

There are a lot of founders, startups, and companies who are building products targeting Nurses as customers.

And startups building that nurses will be the primary users - think hospital software, medical devices, and services.

Create expert panels that get early access to products or product releases/updates. Enable startups to get feedback from 1-to-1 conversations.

Other channels suck. Email sucks, though, as it gets buried in w/ everything else. Is there a tool for this? Other project management tools suck.

Build a Market Research, Product Review, and Testing company for Medical products

Check out these startups.

Now build it for Medical Community.

∞ Why We ♥︎ This Idea

  • You can start small, validate the idea, iterate, and build a multibillion-dollar business.

  • Use your personal brand to market and grow this business and quickly build a big cash-rich business.

  • Will be Cash flow positive from day 1. Is Venture backable as this can be a big outcome business.


“a mega influencer trained chatgpt4 on thousands of hours of her youtube content and is now selling access to it as a virtual gf for $1/ minute.

  • she's already made over 70k in a week” - decrypt


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