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Nurse Here, Not There- Best place for Nurses Earn the Big Bucks and Love Their Jobs

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  • Career Topic : Nurse Here, Not There- Best place for Nurses Earn the Big Bucks and Love Their Jobs

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Nurse Here, Not There - Best place for Nurses Earn the Big Bucks and Love Their Jobs

Nurses are essential frontline workers who risk their health to care for patients and prevent the spread of the virus. Their bravery and commitment to their job during this crisis have highlighted the vital services they provide daily. Despite the profession's demanding physical and emotional nature, nursing is a rewarding and well-compensated career, with the average annual salary exceeding $89,000.

WalletHub conducted research analyzing key metrics across all 50 states to assist nurses in finding promising job opportunities. They identified the best and worst markets for nursing jobs based on critical factors such as average salaries, job openings, and education requirements.

Nurse Insider Newsletter Insight

  1. Regional Preferences: Nurses should consider job opportunities and work environment, as some states score highly in one category but poorly in the other.

  2. Salary Concerns: While salary is crucial, it should be considered alongside the state's cost of living and job opportunities.

  3. Future Planning: States with low expected competition and an aging population may offer more job security and a growing demand for nursing services.

  4. Resource Availability: States with more healthcare facilities per capita could offer better working conditions, particularly regarding equipment and staff support.

  5. Local Conditions: For nurses based in California, the state offers a balanced mix of work environments and opportunities, but there might be better choices for those focusing solely on job openings.

Our Key finding from this report :

Overall Rankings

  1. Washington tops the list with a strong showing in both "Opportunity & Competition" and "Work Environment." It suggests a balanced proposition for nurses seeking job opportunities and good working conditions.

  2. New Mexico, although ranked 3rd overall, tops the "Opportunity & Competition" category but ranks low in "Work Environment." Nurses who prioritize job opportunities may consider it, but they should also account for workplace conditions.

  3. Florida has the 4th rank in "Opportunity & Competition," but it falls dramatically in the "Work Environment" to 45th place, affecting its overall rank. Nurses should weigh these aspects carefully.

  4. Oregon and Minnesota stand out for their work environment, ranked 1st and 2nd, respectively, though they rank lower in "Opportunity & Competition."

  5. California, where you are based, ranks 30th in "Opportunity & Competition" and 21st in "Work Environment," placing it 23rd overall. It might not be the best state overall, but it does offer a balanced work environment and opportunities.

Job Openings

  • States like New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine lead in nursing job openings per capita, which could be attractive for nurses seeking job opportunities.

  • Surprisingly, California ranks low in job openings per capita, which could concern nurses in your locality.


  • Michigan, Illinois, and Minnesota offer the highest salaries adjusted for the cost of living. These are prime destinations for nurses focused on financial benefits.

Healthcare Facilities

Minnesota, Iowa, and Montana have the most healthcare facilities per capita, making them ideal for nurses prioritizing access to medical resources.

Future Competition

Nevada, Alaska, and Arizona are predicted to have the lowest competition by 2030, suggesting long-term job security.

Aging Population

States like Florida, Maine, and Wyoming are expected to have a high percentage of the population aged 65 & older by 2030, which could mean an increasing demand for healthcare services.


Source : Wallet HUB


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